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Ladies have lots of items when it comes to fashion items. The growth and evolution of fashion over the years has been tremendous and rewarding. Creating multiple businesses in the fashion industry and empowering lots of people.  Improving careers and bringing fulfilment on the part of the fashion business.

On the part of the fashion users so to say, it has been a source of courage, expression and communication. But as a lady, there are days when getting all dressed up is not part of the agenda no matter how much you love fashion. You just want to throw on a few pieces and just be covered. Little or no attention is paid to the colours or even the combinations.

As a result of this phenomenon which lots of ladies go through, i decided to bring you some must have fashion items. Having theses items will ensure your lines are covered on your wardrobe rainy days. So here we go:

  1. Black ballerina shoes
  2. Little black dress
  3. Skinny denim trousers
  4. Simple t-shirt
  5. White shirt
  6. Black blazers
  7. A scarf
  8. Black leather belt
  9. Jacket cardigans
  10. Slip-on sneakers

Okay!!! here we have them. Trust me these items are enough to save your head on a rainy day. This list is not exhaustive butt hey, it is a place to start. Your top must have ladies fashion items.

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