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Hey guys!!! So, I was 15 minutes late this morning to work and that is because I spent some extra ‘get ready’ time trying to pick what to wear to work and after close to 20 minutes of indecision, I went back to my comfy zone, a pair of jeans, white chiffon blouse, a pair of black ballerina shoes and I tried spicing it up with a cultural headscarf and a bucket sling bag. So, in order to prevent you from wasting your time just like I did, here are some tips on what to wear to work on different days of the week.


For your Monday morning, trust me, you would love to look well put together for your first day of the week, so a good cooperate look will do. Some good skirt or pant trousers with matching shirt in the colors you feel comfortable in will do even though I will always do dark colors just to play safe. Or you can go all out with a full set of suits or your pant trousers with matching blazers and nice shirt. Spice it up with some good pumps or low heels or go all out with proper high heels and a suitable shoulder bag or a proper sling purse, if you want to tone it down a bit.


Waking up on Tuesday, you will realize that you have four more days to go through before the end of the week. So, at this point, you might want to do a pair of comfy pant trousers with a matching blouse or you could try a simple body con dress and a blazer or you might want to wear a suit if you might probably be having meetings or dealing with clients. All these with pumps, strap heels or nice wedge will be a bomb. Any purse or bag of your choice will be great.


Oh yeah, oh yeah! It is Wednesday guys…. time to catch up with girlfriends after work so for today personally, I would do a great pair of skinny jeans, a matching overall woolen top and some nice canvas shoes or cowgirl boots or the jeans with a great blazer and a matching camisole. My chic backpack will come in handy on this day.


Thursdays are the new Mondays, so a good dress; skater, mini, bodycon cooperate dress will do. Or you could switch it up with great skirts and shirts or blouses with your choice of shoes; flats, pumps, heels. Your bucket bags will come in handy just to spice things up.


Kimon!!!! It is Friday. It can only get better. Personally, I love to look stylish on Fridays. A list of what would work include sling sleeve Ankara maxi dress, Ankara skirts with nice white shirts, jumpsuits will do too, or you could go over to my comfy zone of pair of jeans, nice blouses and great gladiator sandals.

A headscarf is also a great way to spice your look up and be classy at the same time.

Don’t forget it is your Friday, so feel free to make a statement with your looks, you never know what the day has in store for you.

Ok, this is just my own personal rundown of what I feel could help. Feel free to alter the list with colors, styles, accessories and any other fashion piece you feel could work for you. It is all about being comfortable, confident and dressed rightly for the occasion and mood so…. let’s get dressed already.

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